Paver driveways company, Fairfax , Northern VA-Crescent DC

Paver driveways company, Fairfax , Northern VA-Crescent DC

by | Jul 14, 2023

What are paver driveways?

Paver Driveways offer a nice and stylish alternative to asphalt and concrete. If installed correctly paver can last a long time. You should definitely go with pavers instead of concrete for your driveway as they can be significantly stronger than concrete because they’re less prone to cracking. If one of your pavers becomes worn-out, you don’t have to replace the entire driveway, but just an individual paver.There are a few paver driveways company, Fairfax, Northern VA, however the one company that stands out is Crescent DC. They have been in the business for a number of years and serviced a number of homeowners in the local community. The company has grown leaps and bound and purely on its reputation and word of mouth of satisfied customers.

Which is cheaper, concrete or Pavers?


The company has grown leaps and bound and purely on its reputation and word of mouth of satisfied customers.

Concrete is cheaper as compared to driveways pavers. There is no question about that. However, if you add colour staining and stamping, the price quickly increases to be comparable to pavers. Concrete’s worth over the long term can change depending on who lives in the house. Paving stones are more durable than concrete and can withstand more pressure per square inch. Whether you use cement pavers or want stone driveway paving, paving bricks and stones are typically stronger than concrete and can hold more weight on the surface before a crack shows up.

Why do we need to hire a contractor for our paver driveway?

Its quite simple really, getting professional paver driveway contractors on board will reserve a lot of time and monetary resources. People are of the impression that they can save money if they DIY. The repair work of a driveway or the construction of a new one is better left in the hands of a professional. Paver contractors will assist in enhancing the curb appeal and produce the ideal outcomes in a significantly short span of time. You can count on experienced paving contractors to construct dependable paver driveways.Here’s why you should hire a contractor:

Time efficiency–When a professional is taking care of the paver driveway, it will save a significant amount of time and energy. They will manage the project within the time frame you need and skilfully take care of the work using the best materials.

Improved Outcomes–A professional contractor is proficient at their job and their work has a level of finesse to it. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that you get a top-class end product. Renting equipment to DIY will not get the job done to your satisfaction and can be very tiresome, so its best to leave it to the professionals to get the job done seamlessly.

Aesthetic finish – The picture-perfect touch that paver professionals can add to your project is unmatched. Professional paver contractors will leave your driveway or parking lot looking polished and sophisticated. Uneven pavement or a crack-filled driveway will damage the value of your beautiful house. Paver contractors are aware of the tricks required to augment the allure of your pavement and retain the aesthetics of the landscape.

Cost effective – It is but natural to want to save a few bucks by DIY. But just to be clear, you could spend a lot of money on maintenance and expensive repairs. Professional pavers have the expertise and experience to give you a finished driveway that will bring joy to you instead of regret if you decide to DIY.

It is advised to get professional assistance whenever we are out of our depth. Fairfax has plenty of satisfied clients who can vouch for the work that has been done on their paver driveways. Look up paver driveways company, Fairfax, Northern VA and you will find all the information you need on Crescent DC. Call them now for a free consultation.

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