Top Benefits of Owning a Pool   Having a pool in your backyard is an amazing luxury and has several rewarding benefits. Not only will your home increase in value, but it turns into a great place for summer fun! Making the decision to get a pool installed will be great for the entire family. It is something that everyone can enjoy and use, from kids to adults; they will all love this added feature. The greatest bonus is that you don’t have to go far; it’s at your fingertips in your own backyard.   Convenience: Being able to easily access   Added Value: Having a pool installed is a big investment and one of the easiest ways to increase the overall value of your home. Not only will the pool make a huge difference in the appearance, it will also increase the resale value of the property. If you want to invest your money into something that will definitely pay off in the long run, a pool is a guaranteed way to go.   Social Gathering: This is a great setting to host parties of all types, whether it will be for a birthday, graduation, or a simple family get-together.   Great Exercise:     Let Crescent DC help take the headache out of planning and designing your new pool. Crescent DC is a fantastic company that specializes in new pool construction and design as well as several other outdoor projects such as patios, driveways, and walkways. They service the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area.

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