Top Outdoor Patio Design Company Northern VA- Crescent DC

Top Outdoor Patio Design Company Northern VA- Crescent DC

by | Jul 9, 2023

When it comes to designing spaces that are unique and homey, everyone can benefit from a creative boost. But where do you go for inspiration on your outdoor patio design? If you’re the type that enjoys living out-of-doors as much or more than living indoors then you require the services of an outdoor patio design company Northern VA. There are plenty of other companies that provide the service however one company that stands out is Crescent DC, they have been in the business for a number of years and have spread their business across North Virginia, Maryland and the DC area. They have a vast pool of skilled resources that offer their assistance to you and choose a design that compliments the style of each individual in your family and home.

How to design the perfect outdoor patio?

It is quite challenging to host a large gathering inside the household and mainly in the summer or warm season, more and more people prefer to have outdoor gatherings for backyard entertainment. A mindfully designed patio can become a go-to destination for family and friends to gather. Here are a few ideas that you can share with Crescent DC while trying to install the patio of your dream:

Determine your outdoor patio’s purpose – You need to determine the main purpose of the patio, as you can plan for its location, size, shape, and layout. Having a nice outdoor / backyard patio needs to large enough to accommodate guest and have separate areas for dining, lounging and entertainment.

Design around the features of your backyard–You can ideally plan to design around trees, pool and views. You can get creative and design around trees to incorporate them in the plan. You can wrap your patio around the design around the pool and make it a fun area to hang out and lounge. You can position the patio space to take advantage of the views and take in the surroundings.

Choose your patio flooring – You should take active participation in selecting your flooring as that will affect the mood and overall look of the patio. There is a lot you can play with here and Crescent DC’s experts can help with designing the best flooring to bring out the best of the patio.

Sun & Shade – Sometimes it is based in our mood whether we want to be in the sun or in the shade, the patio design can actually help to accommodate both. Its good to get in some vitamin D out in the sun but it is also important to consider the covered areas for dining and lounging.

Coordinate with your home design – You comply cannot have a patio that is the opposite colour and unlikely in sync with the home pre-existing style. The patio needs to compliment the architectural style of the house and seems like an extension of the existing house. You can consider getting a few upgrades to enhance the look of the patio. You can have landscaping or exterior fancy lighting or maybe even an outdoor kitchen. A few ideas to discuss with the skilled professionals from Crescent Dc to make your patio worth the time effort and money.

It’s important to understand that once you have committed to an outdoor patio along with a few backyard structural changes, you will be spending a lot of time and a little money, so you will need the expertise of your local area experts or an outdoor patio company in Northern Virginia. Call Crescent DC for a free quote.

Types of Outdoor Patios for Your Ideal Outdoor Living Space

In the realm of home design and architecture, the concept of an outdoor space has evolved from being just a backyard with a few chairs to a carefully curated outdoor living space that seamlessly blends comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

1. The Classic Patio:

The classic patio is the embodiment of timeless outdoor elegance. Typically paved with materials like stone, brick, or concrete, this type of patio offers a clean and polished look. It often features simple lines, a cozy seating arrangement, and maybe a touch of greenery in the form of potted plants or a nearby garden.

2. The Dining Patio:

For those who enjoy alfresco dining and entertaining, the dining patio is a delightful choice. This type of patio emphasizes a spacious area with a sturdy dining table and chairs, ideally placed under a pergola or umbrella to provide shade during sunny days.

3. The Lounge Patio:

If relaxation and lounging are at the top of your outdoor agenda, the lounge patio is tailor-made for you. With plush seating options such as sofas, lounge chairs, and even hammocks, this type of patio encourages you to unwind, read a book, or simply enjoy the company of friends and family. Incorporating outdoor-friendly textiles and cushions enhances the comfort level and adds a pop of color to the ambiance.

4. The Garden Oasis:

For the green thumbs and nature enthusiasts, the garden oasis patio is a dream come true. It features an array of potted plants, flower beds, and perhaps even a vertical garden or trellis covered with climbing vines. This type of patio is a sanctuary for those who seek a closer connection to nature, offering a space where you can nurture your plants while being surrounded by their soothing presence.

5. The Multi-Functional Patio:

The multi-functional patio is a versatile canvas that adapts to your changing needs. It can incorporate various zones such as a cooking area, a fire pit, a relaxation nook, and even a mini outdoor gym. This type of patio is perfect for those who want to make the most of their outdoor space, accommodating different activities without compromising on style or comfort.

In the realm of outdoor living spaces, these diverse types of outdoor patios serve as the foundation for creating an environment that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

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