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Walkway Design & Construction Contracting Northern VA & DC

Crescent Design & Construction should be your first call when thinking of designing and building Walkways, Paths & stairways out of stone, brick or concrete in Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland or the Metropolitan Washington D.C. Areas. We specialize in the design, layout and construction of all types of walkways. Your new walkway starts with a simple call or by filling out a form and scheduling your FREE CONSULTATION & ESTIMATE.

Stone Walkways: Walkways are like cars in that they get you from here to there. You can do it economically or you can do it with style. Either way you choose to go Crescent Design & Construction will help you design walk that dresses up your property as much as your budget will allow. From plain concrete to interlocking pavers and brick to natural stone we will design and construct a sidewalk that will compliment your home and get you from here to there with style and witching your budget. Crescent Design & Construction designs and installs walkways made from brick, flagstone, stamped concrete and interlocking concrete pavers. From large industrial sidewalks to individual homes, no job is too big or too small. While browsing through the pictures of our walkways, you’ll notice that the pictures are organized by the material. Brick Walkways: Bricks are rigid, durable and can last a lifetime. Brick walkways can be also be used because of their aesthetic beauty…they can be used to create sweet flowing curves as well as straight line sidewalks. Brick can be used to create a walkway in a mortar bed on top of an existing or new concrete walkway or they can be set on a sand base for less cost and greater flexibility. Use contrasting colors or patterns to create borders for a neatly trimmed walkway. Interlocking Concrete Pavers Walkway : Another option that Crescent Design & Construction offers is a walkway mde from Interlocking Concrete Pavers. While a little less in cost than brick, they offer more flexibility with thousands of expansion joints and equally outstanding looks. We offer catalogs of Interlocking Pavers for you to choose from. Let us help you design a meandering sidewalk with gentle curves or a straight walkway with rigid angles to suit your taste and space. Please feel free to call or email us and setup an In-Home Consultation and Project Estimate. Mention that you want to explore the possibilities of working with Interlocking Pavers so that we bring the catalogs to your home. Stamped Concrete Walkways: If you like the looks of natural stone, Interlocking pavers or bricks, but your budget is less than your tastes will afford consider allowing Crescent Design & Construction to design a new steamed concrete walkway. Amazing looks can be achieved using our concrete stamps that are molded from natural stone or brick. Dyes are integrated throughout the concrete to arrive at the colors of your choice. Shading is done to add realism with mold release pigments and sealers. The results of a stamped concrete walkway are stunning and the installation process is quick and efficient. Please allow us to give you an estimate on what it will cost to create a stamped concrete walkway for you in your space. Make sure that you mention that you would like to explore the possibility of using stamped concrete in your project so that we can bring our catalogs of stamp, dyes and shadings


Aegean Spice Aegean Spice Antique Walnut Antique Walnut Asian Bluestone Asian Bluestone Autumn Field Autumn Field
Birch Rum Birch Rum Black Slate Black Slate Blue Ridge Flagstone Blue Ridge Flagstone Bluestone Bluestone
Canyon View Canyon View Cherry Log Flagstone Cherry Log Flagstone Copper Bay Copper Bay Copper Bay Flagstone Copper Bay Flagstone
Desert Gold Desert Gold Dove Gray Flagstone Dove Gray Flagstone Gardenpath Stepping Stones Gardenpath Stepping Stones Harbor Fog Harbor Fog
Heather Gray Flagstone Heather Gray Flagstone Highland Rose Highland Rose Laurel Cabin Flagstone Laurel Cabin Flagstone Mocha Mocha
Mounyain Valley Mounyain Valley Mystic River Mystic River Oak Valley Oak Valley Pinnacle Bluestone Pinnacle Bluestone
Pinnacle Variegated Bluestone Pinnacle Variegated Bluestone River Pass Pattern River Pass Pattern Rustic Buff Rustic Buff Silver Brown Flagstone Silver Brown Flagstone
Silver Lake Silver Lake Steel Gray Steel Gray Tennessee Blue/Gray Tennessee Blue/Gray Tumbled_Bluestone Tumbled Bluestone
Tuscan Sunset Tuscan Sunset Variegated Bluestone Variegated Bluestone Variegated Tennessee Variegated Tennessee Vulcano Stone Vulcano Stone
Westmoreland Slate Westmoreland Slate


From basic to custom designs, we are sure you will find the perfect fit for your home or business. With a wide variety of materials, design choices and more, there is appeal for the average home to commercial applications alike.

We Service the Following Zip Codes:

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From our entire staff at Crescent Design & Construction: “We look forward to upgrading your home with style and the up most elegance. Your home improvement project is another opportunity for us to do what we love…to transform your space in to a custom-made space that you look forward to returning to each day.”