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Crescent Design & Construction Inc. specializes in the Design, Construction and Installation of Patios, Room Additions, Home Automation, Walkways, Pool Decks, Steps, Stoops, Driveways, Columns, Ponds and more. Crescent Design & Construction has been serving the Virginia, D.C. Metropolitan and Maryland areas for over 16 years.

Crecsent Hardscape Design & Construction Stone Virginia and Maryland Outdoor Stone Patio with Seating and Fireplace and Kitchen Area

Crescent Design & Construction Inc. is proud of the reputation that we have earned for our reliable and professional craftsmanship. Our reputation is a direct result of our strong belief that every project must be well designed and thoroughly planned before starting the physical work. We have a registered architectural engineer on staff who works with the customer to design the project. Using this design, the project flows in a timely manner. Crescent Design & Construction’s emphasis on work and time efficiency benefits both the customer and ourselves by enabling us to incorporate the best products with top quality installation techniques at very reasonable prices. Crecsent Hardscape Design & Construction Stone Virginia and Maryland Outdoor Living Space with Built In Fireplace and Kitchen

When you work with Crescent Design and Construction will immediately know that your project is in good hands and that you will be well taken care of. Our design team works with you to give you the look you want and will always make suggestions that you may not have thought of. Our design team then will make sure that our construction crews execute their designs flawlessly and in a timely manor. During the whole process, Ekrem Divleli, Owner of Crescent Design & Construction, will supervise to make sure that your needs are met.

At Crescent Design & Construction we offer each and every client a personalized outdoor space that is landscaped to complement their home and personal taste. Every project is met with the same passion and dedication that our contractors are known for in many Northern Virginia neighborhoods. Our company differs from others because we provide each job site with an experienced landscape architect to design your ideal outdoor living space along with expert masons to build out your vision. We have been honored to have serviced hundreds of homes in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. areas and continue to take great pride in the craftsmanship of our outdoor design, construction, and landscaping work. With over 25 years of experience we know how to build efficient, functional, and quality outdoor spaces that are fit for a layout in Home & Garden magazine.


Hardscape Design & Construction Outdoor Patio Fireplace Crescent Design & Construction can design and construct just about any outdoor structure, large or small including: pools, pool decks, patios, walkways, driveways, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, retaining walls, and sun rooms, just to name a few. We also resurface many types of flooring and offer landscaping to both residential and commercial buildings using only the finest materials on the market. Our design team will work with you and the contractors throughout the entire process to best maximize the placement, the shape, and the style of your outdoor landscaping additions.Too often inexperienced contractors or unlicensed individuals who don’t have much experience in design may install average L-shaped sidewalks in spaces that need curved walkways to go with the natural direction of the space or simply place boulders that are either too big or too small for your particular landscape design right on top of the ground which causes that space to look unnatural and it can becomes an eyesore instead of a feature. The position and curvature of the hardscapes in your landscaping is what helps blend the structures with nature and will result in an aesthetically appealing view for the eye. The design team will focus on the extra details like creating focal direction with each and every plant and structure. Your eyes should not only flow through the landscaping but your eyes should be led to a natural stopping point, one or two features that are used as focal points. Features such as this can be a pool, the outdoor kitchen, a fountain, waterfall, or perhaps a 40-foot large Magnolia tree. Our design staff and contractors make a great team; while the design staff will make sure that the placement and installation of everything from the plants to the seating in your outdoor living area look natural and stylish, the contractors will make sure that the placement of those things are also in a position to last long term, can achieve proper drainage, and are in compliance with your city’s zoning requirements. Crecsent Hardscape Design & Construction Stone Virginia Walkway and Landscaping

Crescent Design & Construction’s masons are all licensed professionals who specialize in building outdoor spaces big or small, obtaining permits, assembling the architectural drawings for the project, working with engineers, attaining the correct materials, constructing the project, and finally getting your county to give you a passed final inspection on our final outdoor landscaping project (if necessary).

We not only offer these services to the Fairfax County but to the surrounding areas also, which include: Louden County, Reston, Mclean, South Riding, Lorton, Oakton, Great falls, Arlington, Lansdowne, Broad Run, Sterling, Vienna, Leesburg, Alexandria, Springfield, Ashburn, Mclean, Fairfax, Burke, Oak Hill, Herndon, Annandale, Clifton, Fairfax City, Fairfax Station, Falls Church, Montgomery country, Maryland, Prince William County, DC, Rockville, Bethesda, and Potomac Maryland.For a full list of cities and zip codes that we service, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Crecsent Hardscape Design & Construction Stone Northern Virginia Family with a new Flagstone Driveway


We understand the power of a good reputation because more than half of our clients come from referrals and we hope to continue that sort of special relationship with every new client and project that we are met with. Customer satisfaction is very important to us at Crescent Design & Construction and we work very hard to show that through the process of our construction work. Many of our satisfied clients in Northern VA, MD, and DC continue to employ our services throughout the years as they look to upgrade or add-on to their outdoor space and are happy to provide references. The installations displayed on our website not only display our previous work history but also our work that we have recentlycompleted. We enjoy what we do and we are happy to not only keep you involved during the construction process but we also enjoy educating our clients on their particular space and why we choose certain materials and techniques to best suit your project. Crecsent Hardscape Design & Construction Crew at Work


The term hardscaping refers to the structures within your landscaping that is built and/or paved like walkways, walls, patios etc. Hardscapes can give a run- down home curb appeal, up the value of a property that is going to be sold or rented, and most of all can transform an unusable space to a comfortable and stylish area to relax in and for friends and family to gather. We know that the thought of installing an outdoor kitchen, a pool, patio or landscaping an entire yard can be a bit intimidating but we do our best to make the transition as seamless as possible.

From our first visit we take the time to get to know you, your vision, personal style, and your goals for your property. Our free initial consultation will take place at your property where we will go over what type of outdoor space you would like to have installed, the process it would take to install it, your budget, our pricing and timelines. We respect each of our clients, their valuable time, and their budgets, so we only present realistic deadlines and plan for all aspects of the job so that we fall within your budget.

If you don’t already know what style to build your outdoor living space up to, our exterior designers will offer design concepts, layouts, material selections, and pricing while going over what types of maintenance will be required and what selections can help your property continually gain value. For instance, our expert staff can help you choose specific vegetation and walkway material that would survive best in low lit areas or particular weather conditions or our staff can suggest what types of structures and vegetation will not only be safer for children who will be playing in these areas but that can also withstand such wear and tear. Crecsent Hardscape Design & Construction Consultation PlanThe planning process will start with this initial consultation, at which our staff willdiscuss the details and measure the space that the client plans to have worked on. Next our landscape architects with draw up the design and present it to the client and together they will revise if necessary. Then an estimate in regards to duration and cost for the installation will be given to the client. If the client accepts and decides that they want to break ground on their new outdoor structures then a verbal commitment is made and a contract and paperwork will be made up, looked over by the client and signed. Next, we will hold a jobsite walkthrough, start the installation/construction, and viola, the staff will do a final walkthrough with the client to view the newly-built outdoor space.


Crecsent Hardscape Design & Construction Stone Virginia and Maryland Outdoor Fountain and Unique Landscaping At Crescent Design & Construction some of the exquisite hardscape material options include flagstone, natural stone, slate, brick, exposed aggregate, pavers, and concrete for walkways, garden pathways, steps, driveways, patios, retaining walls, landscape trimming, pools, pool decks, outdoor kitchens, chimneys, seating walls, fire pits and any other type of outdoor spacestructure.There are various material options when it comes to building your hardscapes. With our full range of hardscape options combined with our design staff, each of Crescent Design’s projects results in a unique design.


Brick structures and designs offer a classic and timeless appearance that compliments traditional architecture, regardless of what design pattern and color style that is used. The distinctive look of brick is unmatched by any other building material and it is incredibly durable if installed correctly and the color never fades. Brick structures are also easily repaired without compromising the appearance of your structure.

If all of your neighbors have brick landscapes and you prefer to flow with the neighborhood but also want to obtain a superior look that stands out, don’t worry because you have many options with brick. The style of your property will all depend on the color, size, and style of the brick used, the design and placement of the brick, and what type of structures you build with the brick within your landscape, whether it be an elegant driveway, walkway, or retaining walls that surround your plants/garden areas, etc. There are really endless possibilities. While brick always offers that old-style look, a contemporary design is still easily achieved through the process of how the bricks are laid. A tight and continuous surface is often used when a more sophisticated and clean look is desired. Then darker shades are usually chosen to achieve a more unique and contemporary look. Your brick patio, brick walkway, brick wall, or your brick driveway can be laid over a bed of sand and compacted gravel, or set in mortar over a concrete slab, and can be arranged in many different patternsto further customize your space. Some of the most common styles combinations for brick are called: running bond,running bond variations, herringbone,basket weave, stack bond, and Flemish bond.

Creating shape is another aspect that should also be considered when using brick for your hardscape structures. Some brick patio ideas for shape include square, rectangle, circle, and free form curved designs. Really, any shape can be achieved with brick.Other unique patio ideas use brick in conjunction with other paving materials. Brick can add significant style and dimension to your design by using it as a border around stone or concrete patios.

There are several other advantages that make brick an excellent investment for your landscape such as cost and longevity. Brick is a decently affordable building material. Cost will vary with the type of brick, the base underneath and the difficulty of the pattern that is chosen to lay it in. The cost will also include the labor and installation done by our licensed masons. This cost will pay for itself over time because the other main advantage is the longevity of brick structures that are properly installed. If using brick as an outdoor flooring option such as a patio, walkway, driveway, etc. then it is imperative that the brick is laid completely level or it will cause problems over time. Drainage and other environmental issues are also potential causes of long-term problems.Having outdoor structures professionally installed is the difference of a low maintenance structure to having a structure that continually breaks down that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs and man hours over the years. When installed correctly not only can it last your lifetime but for the next generation and even the next after that, and that is an investment worth protecting.


Flagstone is usedby more exterior designers,in more homes, and is featured on moredesign shows because of its versatility and style. Our design staff can assist you in designing either a formal area or a more humble and informal patio. For an example of an informal patio designwould use a soft palette withneutral colors with a mixture of different sized and different textured flagstones and pavers, laid in spontaneous patterns. You can also line the stones with vegetation like Diachondriawhich will appear to grow in betweenthe stones which adds a relaxed environment. This is a low-cost and low-maintenance way to design a welcoming and elegantly charming flagstone entry way, flagstone patio, or flagstone pathway as one of our backyard ideas that is packed with a lot of character. Flagstone carries a very natural and organic look that flows with many landscapes and exterior designswhichexplains why this material is in such high demand. Flagstone comes in many shapes, sizes, and shades including: Pennsylvania flagstone, irregular cut flagstone, square cut flagstone, slate, travertine, marble, Pennsylvania bluestone, Vermont slate, reclaimed granite, limestone, granite, quartz, Tennessee limestone, sandstone, cobblestone, river rocks, irregular cut stone, regular cut stone, and naturally jagged shaped stone, just to name a few. We also offer other types of flagstone such as Colorado red, Pennsylvania lilac, Tennessee buff, and New York flagstone. There are even several variations of most of those styles available.


Pavers provide a beautiful custom paving solution that installs quickly and is ready for use immediately after the project is complete. Interlocking Pavers are made of extremely durable, dense concrete. Interlocking pavers are best for driveways and commercial properties because they are made to handle tremendously heavy loads like traffic. The interlocking pavers are made to fit together like a puzzle and when they are installed they form a completely smooth surface that stays level even with all types of structural bases including when it is laid in sand. Regular pavers can alsoserve as extremely convincing substitutes for cobblestone, brick, concrete, or stone. Pavers also come in various shapes that lend to their versatility. You can find pavers intraditional square shapes, rectangles, hexagons, circles, diamonds, and free-form designs. One of the biggestreasons that homeowners choose pavers is the various patterns that they can be laid in, offering exceptionally unique designs. The most common pattern to lay pavers in is the K pattern; which is one square paver bordered by rectangle-shaped pavers all around that one square. Crescent Design & Construction uses Techo Bloc Pavers, EP Hennery Pavers, Hanover Architectural Products, and Bellguard pavers.


Concrete has come a long way in the last few decades, no longer is it necessary to have a cold grey slab of flooring in order to use the strongest material on the market and to save a some money. Concrete can now be poured into any shape and can be used as stepping stones for your garden. Concrete can also take on many different designs and colors once a decorative finish is applied. Long-lasting color for your concrete can be added before the concrete is poured or dusted on afterwards while it is still wet but it is also possible to apply a finish to a completely dry concrete structure as well. Concrete can be used for many outdoor hardscapes like patios, decks, steps, walls, walkways, and more.

You can choose from many textures as well with concrete that can disguise your concrete as brick, stone, or even tile which is an excellent way to achieve a more expensive look with added durability, without the added cost.


To begin the process of installation for materials such as: flagstone, brick, concrete, or stone for a variety of outdoor hardscapes is to design the grade and shape of the patio, walkway, driveway, or pool. The area must be graded to encourage positive drainage on your property. Our masonry teams are trained to produce a grade of ¼” per foot. This grade makes the patio, walkways, and driveways look fairly level but will move the water away from your home as required. Our contractors then remove all grass and prep the area for the concrete pour. Any down spouts or outlets are attached to a new drainage system below your patio or walk way. When the shape of the forms has been approved by the home owner we pour 3500 psi concrete. This concrete pour may be reinforced with fiber, wire mesh or rebar depending on the local soil types. The patio, walkway, or driveway is then capped with Pennsylvania square cut irrigator flagstone, brick pavers or the material of your choice. We set our most common installation material, flagstone in a mixture of type 1 or 2 Portland cement and fine masonry sand. If your patio or walk way project is to be capped in brick we would then use type S masonry cement and sand mixture. Crescent Hardscape Design & Construction


Crescent Design & Construction can assist you with any general contractor and masonry type projects and repairs. We build simple outdoor spaces or vast landscaping projects. We enjoy adding decks, patios, and other related outdoor projects such as: gazebos, pergola, and porch covers! Our contractors have even mastered the skills necessary for installing basement water proofing systems and outside drainage solutions for your home. We offer full service drainage systems and offer French drain tiles and catch basins. Crescent Design & Construction is a general contractor, who can help design and build many types of projects including tile and marble projects which never fail to turn out beautiful. Check out our featured photos on this website to see some of the quality work we have provided in tile installation. We install the best quality marble, glass block, tile and ceramic tile in the area. If your project includes travertine marble tiles or glass block we are happy to provide these materials at a discounted rate for our clients. We can also assist you in your own home projects, offering instructions on how to install many types of tile projects ranging from lime stone, Travertine marble and complex mosaics. From patios, walkways, sun rooms, decks, roofing, new patio doors and more. To obtain this permit in most counties’ of Northern Virginia a state licensed engineer must produce stamped drawings. Then only a class a contractor with a building stamp can do the construction the engineer recommends for your home. Crescent Design & Construction also specializes in pool design and pool construction. Pools can transform a boring outdoor space into a private get away. We specialize in new pool construction, pool renovations, pool plastering, pool excavation, gunite pool construction, pool cooping, pool decks, pool equipment, pool lighting, pool heaters, pool covers, pool heaters, pool plumbing and electric work, pooling decking, pool tile and cooping, pool waterfalls, pool spouts, pool plastering, and in ground pools.

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Crecsent Hardscape Design & Construction Stone Virginia and Maryland Outdoor Stone Patio with Seating and Fireplace and Kitchen Area

Contact us at Crescent Design & Construction today for your free initial consultation to answer all of your questions and receive all the information you need to start your next home project! Call us at (703) 665-3545 for all of your Northern VA, MD, and DC Metro area construction and landscaping needs.