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Crescent Design and Construction offers the best in home patios and we have been recognized as one of the leading hardscaping companies in the Northern Virginia area. Call Crescent Design and Construction to have our master contractor come meet you at your home for a complimentary consultation. At your consult we will discuss your ideas and budget needs and take some measurements of your space. We will then input your patio measurements into our state of the art software that will allow you to preview what it could look like and even give you a price estimate on the spot!

At Crescent Design we do more than just construction, we also work with some of the top designers and architects in the area to fully design an original space that will fit all of your family’s needs. If your outdoor patio needs a permit, we take care of that for you as well. Our construction company can take of every aspect of the home construction process, from landscaping to excavation, you won’t have to outsource at any point. However, if you already have an architect or even an electrician that you work well with, we are happy to work with them. We are here to make this an easy and seamless process. We hope that with the high quality products that we use and the stylish design options that we offer, that this will be a lasting relationship for years to come as you go through new indoor and outdoor home remodels.

Our convenient location in Oak Hill, Virginia allows us to also serve Maryland and Washington D.C. We have had the honor of working with many of our neighboring counties. Our business has continued to thrive because of our wonderful client referrals and word of mouth. Here are just some of the counties that we service: Arlington County, Fairfax County, Oakton County, McLean, Clifton, Fairfax Station, Great Falls, Oak Hill, Ashburn, Falls Church, Alexandria, and Burke Virginia. We bring our 20 years of experience to every job and we are happy to provide strong references and all of our licensing. Meeting our client’s goals and expectations is our number one priority.

For patio installations, you have many options when it comes to designs and materials. Here is a list of just a few examples of what we have to offer in outdoor patios: Stone patios, Pavers, Slate patios, natural stone patios, Flagstone patios, Brick patios, Stamped Concrete patios, garden patios, patio heaters, patio covers and amazing patio decks. Feel free to brose our patio design galleries to inspire your own patio ideas, backyard ideas and backyard design, landscaping ideas, deck designs, and even promote motivation for do-it-yourself or DIY patio projects!

We also provide many other outdoor home services such as retaining walls, driveways, walkways, landscaping, pools, pool decks, pool accessories, pool lighting, pool pumps, above ground pools, unique backyard designs, deck designs and concrete resurfacing, and resurfacing of old indoor or outdoor flooring.

Call us at Crescent Design and Construction so that we may enhance your outdoor living environment with beautifully crafted outdoor structures.

Keep reading for tips on planning, designing and building your outdoor home patio from our expert contractors and designers below!

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How to Design & Plan for Your Dream Patio

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Advice on Adding Grand Exterior Features to Your Home
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From the moment you step out of your car, walk through your fully

designed home to the party in your back yard, your home should be an experience for you, your family, friends, and guests. The theme of luxury and comfortability…and total success. Your home becomes a depiction of yourself and your tastes.

From your perfectly manicured lawn, custom designed draperies, to your oversized windows that overlook…what? Why not lead the experience out to your backyard…not just a yard but a luxurious escape or extension of your home that is customized for convenience, leisure, and indulgence.

Our interior design team is handing over the floor to our exterior design staff and master contractors to give the ultimate advise on building the ultimate patio space not just for esthetics but a patio built for an experience and a lifetime of experiences with the ones you love.

Below our expert team of home builders, designers, and outdoor craftsmen break down the steps in which to take your home planning from the creative process of dreaming and designing to the prolific phase that consists of necessary steps that will lead to a successful end result…a grand backyard design featuring what every home should have, a fully functional patio for those once a year events, for sporadic entertaining, and for everyday life.

Begin your outdoor home design planning with no restrictions and no reservations. It doesn’t matter if your dream is to have a modest escape, a serine nature-inspired retreat, a kid friendly environment, a clean and simple space, or an extravagant full-service patio. Crescent Design and

Construction can design and build a patio large or small equally impressive.

Later you will take this collection and chip away at it, until you have 3-5 ideas that you will then narrow down with our design team and construction experts. You will narrow down on ideas based off of availability, budget, time restraints, and cohesiveness.
You will quickly find that your options are almost limitless (even on a budget) and so you will also have to narrow down what amenities, fixtures, and structures that you want in your outdoor patio space. These days you can have it all: A grand pool with kid slides coming down off of large boulders, exciting grottos that you can watch a plasma TV in, an island bar in the middle of your pool, specialty lighting shining out from your pool, pool decks, simple patio seating…some covered some not, patios with full a service kitchen/entertaining center, fire pits, cut out sand boxes for children, playhouses and more. All of that and we haven’t even discussed you garden or landscaping. Just start with a list, when you go outside what would you ideally like to do, see, or have out there? Cappuccino machine, touch screens in comfortable areas to choose music from, light the fire from, and turn on the backyard lighting once it gets dark? All possible with something called home automation.
Before the Consultation: There are also a few general things that you should note before you schedule a consultation if possible.
What is the general size of your backyard, what is the size of the area that you would like to develop in to a patio?
Spend some time outside in the areas that you would consider placing your patio and patio seating in particular. Which way does the sun shine on those areas? Ideally, you will need a covered patio or trees for natural shading?
How would you like your patio to lead in to your home? Some choose for their patio to be right outside their sliding glass door but some prefer to place it in the openness of their yard. You have many unique options to choose from. The exterior designers and architects at Crescent Design and Construction can show you some unique and creative patio design options to choose from.
Think about common activities you and your family like to do or would like to start doing once this patio and backyard is developed. Our staff at Crescent Design and Construction can fully customize everything to your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.
Budget. Think about what you want to spend on the project, price out some general prices online, and give yourself a buffer amount just in case you find something to add mid-project, or if your construction crew experiences unexpected issues. Also consider the current condition of your backyard; will there need to be additional work done to get it ready for construction?
Permits. All cities and towns have building codes and safety requirements; your contractor should talk about this, obtain any necessary permits, and follow all guidelines and follow up inspections by the city. When submitting plans to the city, prepare for a waiting period for approval because sometimes the plans are not approved and new plans will have to be submitted again. There are usually fees associated to obtaining permits that is covered by the homeowner. Not all projects will require a permit and if you build without any required permits, your structures usually have to be removed. You should also contact your homeowners’ association before starting your plans as well to make sure they fall within those guidelines as well.
Taxes. Unfortunately the value of homes and property taxes range from city to city and state to state but you can always ask your local tax assessor to get an estimate of what you could expect based off of your plans. Tax increases are usually based on what you spent on the project and what your house is valued at afterwards. After your project is complete the local tax assessor will come evaluate your home’s new value and adjust your taxes appropriately.
There is an incredibly broad range of choices when it comes to planning and building backyard patios and decks. Considering important things like the location, size, design, budget, tax increases, permits, building materials, and maintenance needs are essential to understand and plan for in order to achieve a successful home improvement project.

Continue reading our tips on patio design trends, patio design ideas, and insight on how the patio construction process works, and what building materials there are to choose from on our website’s following pages: Stone Patios, Pavers Patios, Bricks Patios, Flagstone Patios, and Concrete Patios.

Below, this page is divided in to our four
most popular categories

From our premier products to our most efficient. We go on to give a
brief cost benefit analysis of each patio material:

  • Stone Patio Construction
    • Imported Stone Patios
    • Domestic Stone Patios
  • Stamped Concrete Patio Construction
    • Stamped Concrete Comes in Many Patterns Shapes & Sizes
  • Patios Built Out of Pavers
    • Pavers come in a huge variety of patterns
  • Brick Patios
    • Brick is the traditional Patio Material and has not lost its appeal

Stone Patio Construction

Even though stone is usually the most expensive way to go when building out a patio it still remains our most popular material used. Stone wears beautifully and whereas it is can be very expensive there are some cheaper alternatives.Our imported stones range from Turkish Imported Stone to Italian Stones. Most stone will come in precut panels that are designed to be pieced together for certain sizes. Of course we customize the different patterns to fit your space and will work with you to make the best pattern for your space. We will also suggest different materials with which you can outline your new stone patio. You will find that almost every stone patio that you see has some sort of material that is used as a border…this gives strength and aesthetic value to the patio construction.The bottom line is that we should come out to inspect your property. To expedite the process please take measurements and fill out our

FREE estimate request form.

Traditional Brick Patio Construction

Depending on the look of your home and what you are trying to achieve with your patio renovation Brick is the answer for many of our clients. Brick patios are fairly inexpensive to create even for the large surfaces and depending on the treatment you go with they can last just as long as the hardest stone or concrete patio.A well designed and constructed brick patio will give you many years of maintenance free beauty.
Brick Pavers set on a sand base is an option, more people opt for the classic look of brick and mortar set on a concrete base. The concrete base gives you a rigid, durable patio that is as easy on the the feet as it is on the eyes.

If you need help deciding what type of brick patio you need please allow us to come to your home and we can give you ideas based on your actual space. Click here to get the process started or feel free to give us a call.

Concrete Pavers – A Brick Substitute

Concrete Pavers come in a huge variety of colors and shapes. They can be set over an existing concrete patio using a thin bed of sand or on a newly constructed base made from crusher run. A huge advantage of pavers is their flexibility. Because no mortar is used, there are thousands of expansion joints throughout your project which means there is no chance of cracking during winter or summer’s extreme temperatures. Future changes can be made with no visible signs of disruptions. Your new concrete paver patio will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Stamped Concrete

When doing your cost benefit analysis you have to look at the total cost of your project. We recommend Stamped Concrete to people who are building out larger patios or are going for a specific look that would cost too much to achieve any other way.

The texture and looks achieve are amazingly realistic, as we use stamps that were molded from the real stones or bricks that we are duplicating.

Dying the stamped concrete to meet your color desires is another huge benefit to people looking to achieve special effects with their patios. There is an art to coloring or dying stamped concrete and we are experts at this. Dyes are added throughout the concrete to arrice at the desired color and natural shading effects are created with pigmented mold release agents and sealers.


Aegean Spice

Birch Rum

Canyon View

Desert Gold

Heather Gray Flagstone

Mounyain Valley

Pinnacle Variegated Bluestone

Silver Lake

Tuscan Sunset

Westmoreland Slate

Antique Walnut

Black Slate

Cherry Log Flagstone

Dove Gray Flagstone

Highland Rose

Mystic River

River Pass Pattern

Steel Gray

Variegated Bluestone

Asian Bluestone

Blue Ridge Flagstone

Copper Bay

Gardenpath Stepping Stones

Laurel Cabin Flagstone

Oak Valley

Rustic Buff

Tennessee Blue/Gray

Variegated Tennessee

Autumn Field


Copper Bay Flagstone

Harbor Fog


Mounyain Valley

Pinnacle Bluestone

Silver Brown Flagstone

Tumbled Bluestone

Vulcano Stone