Paver, Patio Design Contractor Company, Northern VA Near me- Crescent DC

Paver, Patio Design Contractor Company, Northern VA Near me- Crescent DC

by | Jul 14, 2023

Paver Patio Design Companies – designs that give you unique patio looks!

There are many ways to make your living space look good, if you have the right ideas. One of them is using your backyard space to put in a beautifully designed paver patio. This can come in various sizes and colours and depending on your budget it could be the one area you can get the outdoor feel within your own living area. The costs can vary significantly based on the size, complexity, and materials you select. If you don’t have control over your budget from the beginning, it could spiral out of control. The secret is striking a balance between cost and craftsmanship to produce a finished product you can be proud of. Northern VA has a plethora of paver patio design companies however a standout company is Crescent DC. They are a one-stop contractor company that has everything under one roof. You need to perform a search for paver, patio design company, northern VA near me and you can pull out the information on Crescent DC to call and ask for a quote.

What kind of designs can I get for paver patios?

When it comes to paver patio patterns, you might be surprised to learn just how many different directions you can go in. Depending upon your specific wants and needs, you can make your patio design for something that is truly unique.

Here are some different paver patio patterns to get you started.

  • Free flow designs – One way to go is by using flagstone, a natural stone, this creates a free-flowing look. You can add colour variation to it to give it a unique look to it and comes at a very cost-effective price.
  • Mix of paver material –You can use different materials to paver and give it a paver pattern.  This creates a nice decorative look which compliments the home with its existing structure.
  • Herringbone pattern patio – In walkways and patio patterns, the use of herringbone design in which pavers are laid at 45-degree angles is an attractive look. There is more visual effect to this look. You can play around with the colours and lots of ways to get create with the borders on patios and walkways.
  • Adding a pattern with the same paver – Sometimes just switching the way the pavers are laid can give you a unique design. It changes the overall look of the patio. This kind of patio design is reminiscent to the old European designs.
  • Symmetrical patio Design – The patio generally overlooks nature around the area it will be constructed, the way the symmetrical shape will be laid tends to give it a streamlined look to the patio.
  • Random patterns – Rather than having all the pavers lined up in one fashion, sometimes it can be laid randomly, nothing fancy but just enough to make it a visual delight. These are firstly colour drawn and run by you so you can see what you are getting into.

All these designs will be run by you by the contractor and the designer, only once you approve the designs, the contractor discusses the material that will be used and the man hour calculation is done to give you an appropriate budget. The work starts when both are in unison with the design and costs. You need a paver patio design, you need not look further, Crescent DC will take care of everything for you. When you search for paver, patio design company in Northern VA near me, you will get Crescent DC as the premier contractor company taking care not just of paver patio but all sort of backyard construction roofing all so much more. Call for a quote and see the expertise for yourself.

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